Thursday, March 31, 2011

That Toothache Gave Me A Pain In The A**

My darling trucker, the manliest of men, had an emergency trip to the dentist. 
OK, I can't even type that with a straight face, not that you can see me, 
but anyone who knows us, knows that it doesn't sound right!
When it comes to pain, I find that most men are babies.  So even if they are quite manly to the outside world, every wife knows the truth. The emergency was "It hurts, and I want it out NOW"

I do believe that my last toothache was suffered through for at least a week until we could afford to pay the dental bill....but that's not the point.  He told me of the toothache one day and the next day it was okay to sell my soul to the highest bidder in order to make it stop.  Suddenly it is imperative that I find an emergency dentist RIGHT NOW that can get him in before bedtime TONIGHT.

I book the appointment for him and let him know when it was.  He says "did you get a sitter?"  I say "Really?"

"Ummmm.... Yes.  If you're not going, I'm not going."

So I phone my favorite babysitter, she says "Really? You have to go?"  "Yes, he says if I don't go, he won't go."
Insert uncontrollable laughter here.
Her Other Half comes in the room, she informs him that she's babysitting for me.  He says "Really?  She has to go?"
More uncontrollable laughter here.

We arrive at the dentist and get our paperwork filled out.  I get myself comfortable in the lobby, feeling proud of myself for having remembered my book.  The assistant comes to get him and he looks up at me like I'm nuts for thinking I can just sit and enjoy my book.
The assistant looks at me and grins.

So we make our way to the chair and by this point I can't help but tease him at every chance.  I even suggested that he didn't need me anymore when the assistant gave him the remote.  At home, he snuggles with that more than me!!! Haha  Clearly NOT appreciated.

Everyone teases, winks, giggles.  Poor guy.  Dentists are not fun! Truthfully, he did very well this time.  I did not have to hold his hand, though I was not allowed to leave the room.  The tooth was beyond repair and extracted which is a bad enough experience.  I will be fair and admit that having a tooth yanked out of your skull really stinks.
Whether or not he got a 'sticker' for being brave is my business, not yours.

The best part of this (yes, we are evil parents some days) is that he did keep the tooth.  He brought it home to freak out the kids.  And it worked well.

I haven't had to remind them to brush for weeks now!

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