Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sometimes He Still Surprises Me

I have an online calendar through Cozi.com that I used in the past a time or two.  I do try to update it when I can, but I'm not that good at it.  It's helpful but not my main source.  I like a calendar that can send me SMS updates, so I have important alarms set through a google calendar.  But I hear that Cozi does plan to open up that service to Canada eventually.
The Cozi calendar is intended to be a family planner, so each family member can link their email address to it and each can access it at their own leisure. I set up the trucker a long time ago, but never thought he'd even look at it. You can assign events to certain users, see where overlaps are and such.  Likely a good thing for a family with older kids or sports activities as they could see who is able to drive them, before agreeing to the dates.

Last night, darling trucker was relaxing on the couch while I was working on homework with kids.  It was kind of distracting hearing the sound of various iPad apps on the go, until suddenly he said "What's the name for this calendar?"  So I told him. He logged in and said "Do you have Show & Tell ready for tomorrow?"

               Really, that's all I can say. 

We have had more than one fight over things like this.  I have a set list of things that need to be done each day and each week.  I am a mom.  That's what we do.  Whether you work or not, if Show and Tell is always on Tuesday, You will always have to make sure it's ready on Monday. And almost every Monday, I am reminded by a 6 year old who 'forgot' until just after bedtime.  (This is one thing that I just can't keep in the top of my mind.)  In our class, your show and tell involves writing clues too.  So, it's not just a matter of grab something and stuff it in the backpack. My child has to find it, think of 3 sneaky clues and write them himself.

I have made my list of daily routines and weekly schedules many many times.  I have a calendar on the fridge with major weekly things labeled.  This information has always been in plain view of the whole family. 
Primarily because I FORGET STUFF.  
If it's not written down, it probably won't happen.  But even if it is written down, it's still at risk!

Yesterday is the first time in I-don't-know-how-long, that the trucker even looked at a list of mine.  And he did it an hour before bedtime, so I had time to get the Show & Tell work done with the 6 year old.  

So, even though he didn't get up to help get the work done, I was absolutely impressed that he, by choice, even looked at what was on my list for the day.  Yes, in a way he was still just telling me 'what to do' but by using MY tools, and looking at MY list, and NOT using a snotty tone, he was actually supporting something that I set out for myself.  

Imagine that.  I just might fall in love with the iPad, yet.

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