My Favorite Sites

Hands Free Mama - She speaks of things that touch you right in the heart. She shares the deeper moments of life, the things we don't always want to see, and the things we SHOULD see, but tend to miss.  Read it. (I will not be held responsible for your tears.)

Flylady    Where I started when I was trying to get organized.  It is straightforward advice.  Many things my mother has told me all my life, but it seemed more like a friend, support, personal coach.  The nagging 'mom' voice in my head turned into my own voice.  I learned a lot about myself and my life.

SideTracked Home Executives  My second step when I started losing track of Flylady.  Ironically, this is where the roots of Flylady are.  It worked for awhile but I lost track.

Flylady/Cozi Calendar  I use the fly lady version of this. It is a central online family calendar. You get one master password and each family member can use their own email to login.  There are to-do lists, shopping lists, calendars, notes, journals and other things. It's pretty neat.  I'm hoping that the rest of the family likes it too.  There are mobile apps too, so it becomes more convenient if you have those types of devices.

StumbleUpon  This gets very addictive.  Set your preferences and you will get hooked too.

Chore wars   This is something I really want to use more, but the kids are not quite old enough to enjoy it fully.  I could see it being fun if the younger boy was the age of my oldest.

Happiness Project  Lots of uplifting info here.  A great concept if you need to give yourself a boost.