Tuesday, March 22, 2011

mmmmmm..... Coffee....

Last night was another of those "let's see how ridiculously late I can stay up and still function tomorrow" kind of nights. I got started on one little thing, which led to another little thing, and another, and suddenly it was well past midnight.  But my mind had entered the second wind phase already, so sleep was not coming.  

I decided to read for a bit and finish the Happiness Project book before I put all of those types of books aside for awhile.  But after I had made some tea and snuggled up on the couch, I realized I DID finish the book the night before.  So I reread the last chapter (can't waste the tea now) and made myself a few notes of items I want to remember everyday.  There are some good points that I want to keep close.

I reviewed my list of April fools plans.  Every piece of that puzzle is falling into place so nicely. To be completely honest, the idea that I had last night was exciting enough that I woke up easily this morning just so I could get arrangements made.

I know it's not fun to get the April Fools ideas after April 1st, but I really CAN'T share it early.  These kids of mine are too smart, my blog is not safe!  It's gonna be soooooo good.

I have also got the beginnings of two poems going for the kids.  It was partly inspired by Gretchen's 'sing in the morning' resolution in the happiness project. But I am not likely to sing in the morning. In fact, most mornings, you are safest if you don't talk to me for at least an hour or my first cup of coffee!  Anyway, the sing in the morning idea got my brain working. Once the poems are put together, I might post them here.  One is about the daily grind and the other is about getting up in the morning.

Wow.... Sidetracked or what?
The point of this story was supposed to be about today, not what I did last night.  Today was painful.  It was long and slow and miserable. I had a lot of coffee this morning. I bought the kids lunch because I was too lazy to make it. I stopped at Tim Horton's on my way to get them from school.  After lunch I had some shopping to do, I grabbed a coffee while I was out.  I got home, put away my new stuff and then had to rush off again to pick up the boys from school.  We decided to grab some TimBits for them and a coffee for me.

Sadly, this is a vicious cycle that I often repeat. I'm aware it's not 'healthy' but man, it's life right now.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Crash, Coffee, Coffee, Crash...


About that time now.....

What keeps you motivated and moving? Any advice for this caffeine addict? (Aside from 'go to bed earlier', sometimes that is just not possible) 

On the bright side (there really is always a bright side) I was able to nail down a crucial part of my April Fools Plans today.  Tired or not.

Take Care! Good Night!

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