Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life Is About Learning New Things Everyday

I learned two things yesterday. 


Cake is GOOD. 

Making cake just for the sake of eating cake is not so good, but celebrating even the smallest milestones can be incredibly fun!

The special event started by accident.  A small offhand comment to my son about how many visits my blogs had so far.  I thought it was cool we had a combined total of 392.  So, he said we should celebrate when it reaches 400.

So thank you, to those of you who read my ramblings.  We made 402 the same day. 
Therefore, we deserved cake.

I do understand that 400 is almost an invisible number on the internet, but that is huge to me.  I really didn't think I would have much more than a couple visits ever, not to mention those of you who have read most, or even ALL of my rants.  Even cooler than my friends and family enjoying something like this, is the fact that I have had visitors from all over the world. 
That blows my mind.

Anyway, the number is not the significant part really.  I showed my kids that it is good to celebrate small things, even if it doesn't mean anything to someone else.  If we are proud of ourselves and celebrate the everyday things, our lives are just that much happier.

They were in a good mood ALL day yesterday, knowing that mom was making cake and it wasn't a birthday.  Heck, I even got the trucker interested!

Secondly (And Sadly Less Fun)

I need to work on my listening skills.

I missed the mark on my OWN challenge!! Okay, not completely.  I did a good job for most of the day, but I missed an important moment and I'm kind of pissed at myself. 

I challenged the house, primarily me and that trucker of mine, to say at least ONE NICE THING to each other everyday.

So last night when we crawled in bed, I asked him if he managed to do it.  He said "Yes, don't you remember?  In the kitchen, I gave you a kiss and thanked you for getting all of my laundry done."

Yeah.      FAIL!!

I do.  I do remember that moment.  He gave me a kiss and I heard
"something, something, about laundry, something"
I didn't stop what I was doing.  I didn't listen to what he said.  And I missed a thank you.  A thank you for something as tedious as laundry might seem stupid, but when you are a housewife... that's what life is!  Kids, school, work, cleaning, dishes and LAUNDRY.  So an unsolicited thank you, for laundry, is like a SAHM equivalent of an Olympic gold!! 

And I missed it.

Well, I'm trying again today. And I apologized last night.  If I don't listen to the family, NONE of us get to feel special.  I feel unappreciated and they feel ignored.

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