Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not Many People Are Thankful For Mondays

First day of my week, not bad.

There was extra laundry created as we are attempting potty training here. 
(Yes, I believe I am big enough to use the big girl potty now.  Wish me luck!  haha)  
So not all of yesterday's laundry got put away, but I did get 3 loads washed and dried and the first one put away, so I'll still count it as success.

I didn't do so well on the thank you's.  

I did thank the trucker for the Timmies he brought me on the way home.
I thanked the middle child for telling me when the little one was taking off her diaper and hiding in the other room.  That was a big one, it could have been REALLY yucky if I didn't catch her in time!
I think I said thank you to her when she brought her lunch plate to the kitchen on her own.
(Two year old can do it but the trucker can't most days.....)
I thanked mom for watching the littlest when I ran to the bookstore (and for changing the stinky diaper while I was out). 

Oh, I thanked the baby girl for that too.....hehehe

The oldest, I'm not sure.  I can't think of a specific thing that I said thank you to him for. 

Try again today.

Well, I guess I didn't do too bad.  I got most of them.  The unfortunate thing is that I KNOW there were a lot more sarcastic thank you's tossed about through the evening.  Perhaps part of my mission should be to cut those out?  I think it would take away some meaning from the good sincere thank you's if they are peppered through with sarcastic ones.

And I'm going easy on myself for yesterday.
The odds were against me.
It's the first Monday after the daylight savings time shift.  We were ALL tired.

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