Sunday, November 28, 2010

You Won't Find It Until You Stop Looking

This weekend was full of surprises which made it hard to stay on task.
It started with one new thing. We were rearranging to make room for new furniture.  This led to a massive overhaul of our family room and master bedroom.  If you give up (or if you are like me and forget what you were looking for in the first place) you will find what you wanted easier.  As I was cleaning things up and moving things around I found many things that I'd been looking for. And many things I wasn't looking for.

Once the furniture moving was done with and a full truck load of things was taken AWAY... I set about organizing what I have left.  I found old business cards that led to reminiscing about that job.  I found my supplies from making my wedding invites.  Many hand made treasures from the kids as they were growing up.  A few books I haven't read.  Some pictures that were long forgotten. Old papers that were 'filed' in a pile on a shelf...which led to reading a ton of papers and then having shredder wars with one of my kids.

Did you know that my kids misplace lego about as much as I lose my coffee cup?

It was a highly productive weekend and I look forward to sleeping more soundly in my new retreat.  My room is clean from top to bottom, perhaps now I can be a better influence and more persuasive in getting the kids to clean their rooms.
It is so freeing to let go of so many things. Outgrown toys, clothing that has been ignored in the closet for ages, chargers that charge who knows what.  Big broken peices of furniture that have just been in the way for a long time.
On Friday, I had planned to spend some time organizing the play area.  I've had a crazy busy weekend and got a lot done.
Now, next weekend, I intend to organize the play area.  I wonder what will get done?

Friday, November 26, 2010

My Name Is _____________ And I'm A Coffee-holic

When you have reached the point where almost everyone who knows you will bring your favorite Timmie's coffee when they come to visit, and they even know what you take in it, you start to contemplate your life.
When several of the parents at your child's school know you as "The mom with the Timmies mug every day", you think about it.
When a quick run to the grocery store always means that you have a coffee when you come home....
When the deal with your hubby is not "Call if you want me to bring home coffee"  But rather "Call if you don't need me to pick it up"...
I even have the Tim Horton's Christmas ornaments for my tree....

I'm pretty comfortable saying that my life revolves around coffee. Not that I think it's a good thing but it's so well built in to my routines each day that I am more likely to notice I have lost my cup somewhere than realize that I haven't made coffee yet.  
I am constantly behind the 8-ball, running on empty, staying up too late and forcing my way through the day. I've tried a thousand different 'systems' to organize my time and my life and such, but truth be told I think I'm likely to go more crazy when I'm in control over everything than when I have the feeling I'm forgetting something.
If I don't stop and think about what I'm forgetting, I'm sure to forget something, right?

This blog will just be an outlet for the blond in me. Maybe through the course of actually writing down my weaknesses I will find a way to fix some of them?
The only constant thing in my life, the only thing that I am absolutely certain that I will do in a day is drinking my cuppa joe.
So I'll start there!

Welcome, grab your favorite cup and join me! Now, if I can just figure out where I set my mug down....