Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who Made Mornings Come So Early?

I want to wake up smiling
But it's just so hard to do
I've been like this forever
It isn't something new

It's not just that I'm tired
From getting up with kids at night
It's not because of caffeine
Exercise or eating right

It's not because I'm dreaming
Of some picture perfect life
I don't dream of fame or fortune
Or being some star's wife

Ask my parents, friends or husband
They'll all tell you that it's true
I'm just not a morning person
It's not something I can do

I try to stay on top of things
Prepare the night before
If I try to get up earlier
I end up racing for the door

Knowing of my troubles
might make you think I'm always late
But if you expect me at 8:30
I'll probably get there 8:28

It's not cuz I'm still sleeping
Though my snooze IS my best friend
I'm usually just sitting there
Wishing that is was the weekend

You'll often find me searching
for my missing coffee cup
I usually misplace it 
when I'm trying to wake up

It takes a half an hour
before my feet will hit the ground
and then at least an hour
before I really come around

With such a slow and painful start
To Each and Every Day
I think that it's amazing
The kids get to school okay

I can't find a solution
There is no magic pill
I never did like mornings
And I doubt I ever will.

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