Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just Letting Go

Sometimes, you have to just step back and wait.  Good things come to those who wait, right?  I sure hope so.

Again, I am frustrated.  I am frustrated by the persuasive nature of those who choose the less pretty lifestyles outlined in History Repeats Itself. I hate to accept that I can't stop those who allow excuses to continue.  I am frustrated that so many deserved slaps upside the head can not be delivered.

I am frustrated knowing that I can help you open your eyes, 
but you STILL won't see what I do.

Making a choice to be the bigger person doesn't mean bowing down and saying you are right when you are not.  And if I were to feel like I have 'lost' then that would be your perfect scenario.  Some people like to play games.  But instead, I feel sad.  Like I had the chance to make a difference and I failed.  I didn't play the game, I tried to expose it.  And it bit me.


I have my choice to live my life right.  I make my choices everyday to improve my life.  I choose to be happy and safe. To be a good role model to my children as much as I possibly can.  I also have the choice to let go and walk away from a bad situation before it drags me down with it.

Surround yourself with negativity and you will swim in it.  
I won't. 
I will stay with the positive influences and let go. 

I have said many things that needed to be said. I have made a lot of people mad. But I also know that most people don't get that mad if you're just blowing smoke.  They will accept that you are full of it and laugh you off.  If you touch a nerve, strike too close to the truth, it hurts.  It's happened to me before, I know. 

You can ignore a liar, you can't ignore the truth.

Stepping Back, Letting Go, is high up in the list of the most difficult things to do in life.  Whether it is a friend or a family member. Your mother or your child.  It is hard to watch when someone you loves chooses not to see. It's not your fault, it's not your place, it's not your job.... you have to let them go. And with them, let the stress go.

I wish you luck, I wish you love, I wish you happiness
And most of all....
I hope you prove me wrong

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