Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weaken Your Opponent - Then Attack!

I'm convinced there was some brilliant conspiracy afoot in my house this weekend.  The secret plot of two 11 year old boys to take over this home!

It started with a simple visit after school.  Macboy brought his friend Paul over (they don't play anymore, unless of course you follow the word "Play" with "Video Games").  Paul is quickly becoming a fixture around here.  It seems like there are weeks that those two boys are inseparable, always at one house or the other together. (Glad that Paul's parents aren't super-green-vegetarian-all-educational-and-no-TV types. They are a lot like us.)

Friday afternoon visits almost always lead to the "Mom, what are we having for dinner?  Oh. Can I stay here?" phone calls. My child eats a greater variety of food since he started hanging around with Paul.  This time it was our house.  They were having indian, and we were having "I'm not sure yet."

Paul says "Do what everyone does, if you're not sure, you get TAKEOUT."  How does he know me so well already?  Yes, we ended up with Pizza. Hey, it's Friday. I'm allowed. (hehehe and Tuesdays or Thursdays or all others that end with Y...shut up.)

Before dinner the boys were playing Rock Band.  Their band can not be named.  Well, it's named but it can't be said out loud. Not in front of my other kids.  What?  Oh, yeah.... that band died.  No memory card. "oh, darn, I'm sorry guys.." (not really.) It started off pretty rough.  The weren't really 'trying' too hard at first. But then they found a song they liked. So they played it.


Macboys room is in the middle of our house. His window faces my neighbors side entry. The neighbor (He's 82.) came out during their... performance... and was dancing on his doorstep outside their window.  The boys thought that was HILARIOUS. I have to remember to thank him for that.

Wait a bit longer, until I have heard the same song, with random singing and humming and yelling, depending who has the microphone.... THEN.... Ask for a sleepover.

I can see it. "Look, your mom is getting weak, let's just practise this song once more, then she should be ready.  She'll say yes just because we quit playing it!"

Well, yes.  Of COURSE I said yes. And then they did shut it off for a while. Which adds to my conviction that this was TOTALLY planned. I was suckered.  Bah... I would have let them have it anyway.

Because I had no memory card, I caved and let them leave the PS2 on for the night, so they wouldn't lose their progress. They actually did start getting pretty good at that ( song.  Which made it slightly less painful.  I can't think of the last time my kid sang something. On purpose. IN FRONT of someone else.

It was a great night, and a great morning. These are good kids. I'm happy to have them.  But DON'T tell them that, I enjoy seeing their creativity at work as they scheme to get things they want.

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