Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lighten Up Will Ya?

I'm pretty miserable lately. At least I sure sound like it. It's one of those things where you are quicker to complain than you are to share good things.  So for my own sense of sanity, here is a list of some good news (or funny moments) from my week.

...this morning, Angel Baby decided to drink the milk from her cereal.  With a straw. She set the bowl on her lap and drank all of it.  And was incredibly proud of herself. (hubbs had the camera so sadly no picture. But I laughed like crazy)

...Art likes the term touché but he doesn't really understand it. So it gets used WAY wrong. It's kind of funny.

...Macboy got mad and walked out of class. He walked all the way home at 9 am. He's in Grade 5. (It starts already?!?!?)

...I read a line in a book this week that says McDonalds Saves Lives. The happy meal has saved many children and a few husbands from a painful death. I like this book.  And this is just the first chapter.

...I successfully managed to confuse my kids by jumping into a game I would normally give them crap for starting.

...Art asked me for tea last night. Strange request, but he knows that I like it before bed, it helps me relax.  Now I'm out of peppermint :(

...Angel Baby's new word this week is POWER. Since I told her the iPad had no power and we need to charge it.

...I went to school today to meet my boys, came home with a bike and helmet, lock and backpack. And no boys. Happens often.

...I made a quick trip to the bank this week. Then stopped at Timmies.  Trucker called while I was headed home.  He asked where I had gone, so I told him "the bank."  Then Angel Baby started Yelling, I mean REALLY YELLING.... "Poffee, Poffeeeee!!! Mommy! Poffee!"  So I had to confess.... and he was jealous.

...I'm searching for the invisible sign on the back of my laptop. It seems to say, "thank you for ignoring me all day. I'm now available to listen to you. Please start talking."  Angel baby probably drew it there with her magic markers.

...Angel Baby also managed to redecorate Macboy's room this week. Though I made her clean it up this time (thank goodness for dry erase),  and she laughed just as much washing it off.

My week hasn't been all bad, even if it hasn't been great.  I hope for change, as always, and try to count my blessings.


  1. We should all try to lighten up a little! I know I need to.

  2. Hey, it's the little things that make life tolerable! Hang in there!