Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ten Reasons My Week Was Awesome

Well, I have recently realized that I've forgotten you. I've hyperfocused on Wendy Can't Cook and hit some pretty awesome milestones. (Well awesome to me anyway)  But I got a bit sidetracked on the direction of these blogs and then I lost my internet service entirely so I have to work on work first. Then I can go back to writing as the inspiration hits me. Or the kids do something that makes me slap my forehead.

So today... I'm just gonna do a quick recap of my week.  The Highlight Reel of my sad little life:

  1. I got set up to do the #31DBBB with the @SITSgirls.  I am a bit behind as I had no internet this week, but I'll be back on track by Monday, I swear!
  2. Media Free night was a HUGE success.  No one went crazy or got really cranky, however I do worry that I upset the gods of wi-fi.  My internet and phone ONLY worked on the one day I swore to turn everything off. Karma?  You think?
  3. The Trucker was home every night in time for dinner. Sadly that doesn't always work out for us. I try to make sure we all sit down and eat together. It took a lot of persistence to convince my family they wouldn't die with the TV off during dinner.
  4. My work meeting. Yeah, I look forward to work. It's a pretty sweet deal here.  I have only one real commitment outside of home each month.  It's a bonus for me, not an inconvenience. I get to show that my brain is useful for more than cleaning up puke stains or washing clothes. I get to spend a whole day with ADULTS. And I even get paid for it! :)
  5. Being Thanked. Everyone loves to hear they are appreciated.  My son's teachers said thank you again to me this week.  For doing only what I think every parent should do.  Pay attention and support your childrens education.
  6. Counting down how may days until summer holidays with the kids.
  7. Cutting my phone bill by $25 bucks a month.  Dear phone company...Your bad service is the reason I price shop. Glad you decided to step it up and save my business.
  8. Getting my phone and internet service back. The reasons I miss the internet are obvious, but seriously I missed my landline more than anything else.  "Mom, can I call a friend and go play?"  "Yes, dear, when we have a phone again." :(
  9. Saturday Mornings and Pancakes. Nuff said.
  10. An unplanned weekend. Well, some plans, I have to catch back up to work, but I have no commitments that I need to rebook to do it. I intend to muddle my way through each step and I know that the kids are happy to stay in PJ's all weekend while I do it. (not because they need me to dress them, but because they prefer to stay home as much as they can. That's a good thing right?)
I'm pretty easy to please most of the time. 
What made your week super? 

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