Friday, June 10, 2011

Do You Suffer From IMS?

There is no known cure.  There are only treatments that can make this syndrome bearable.  I have had this for most of my life, but didn't really know that it was a problem. Until I started meeting up with more people who don't have it and saw first hand the difference in their day to day living.

Like some other conditions, this is not life threatening. I will never die from it, though others around me could... if it isn't handled correctly.  

I suffer from...
Irritable Morning Syndrome. 

The signs are obvious. The glazed eyes, the crazy hair, the "yesterday's sweatpants."  My immediate family knows and understands this problem of mine. They have watched it for years, long before I really acknowledged it.  They have tried to help, they have tried to cure me, they have also tried acceptance. But in reality, it's hard to accept.

Signs & Symptoms.
(not an exhaustive list)
  1. Need for multiple alarm clocks. Possibly a wake up call also.
  2. Difficulty putting feet on the floor in the morning.
  3. Inability to open eyes fully for 10-15 minutes from the time you do get your feet on the floor.
  4. Decision making and dressing is incredibly difficult, often resulting in the cleanest dirty pair of sweat pants near the bed.
  5. Inability to speak coherently until mid-second-cup of coffee.
  6. Showering within the first 30 minutes of getting out of bed is physically painful. For Real.
  7. Tendency to arrive at any early morning appointments RIGHT. ON. TIME.

(One of my biggest complaints to the trucker was about wake-up calls. I explained that I love that he is willing to phone me in the morning but I hate when he forgets that I'm not really AWAKE.)
As mentioned before, there is no cure. After 32 years, if there was one I would have found it. There are only means to treat the symptoms and bear with the process of mornings.

Tips and Tricks for Treatment.
  • An understanding husband is essential. And he will need to be reminded occasionally so he doesn't request a big favor when I am sure NOT to remember even talking to him.
  • Multiple alarms available. Preferable scattered through your room.  A TV that has a timer is good as the talking will draw you out of your morning coma. Also a Cell Phone randomly placed at night for the wake up call is best as you can confuse yourself into waking up, simply because you are not sure where it is.
  • A coffee pot with a timer.  This way there is no delay to the caffeine infusion.
  • With Children, prepare as much as humanly possible the night before. Thus leaving mornings as simple as possible (eat & dress & go)
  • Lots and Lots of Coffee.
  • Aside from your wake up call, don't answer the phone. Unless you have to of course.. nothing good comes of conversations you don't remember.
  • Getting to bed earlier can be helpful but this is not a guarantee for anything.  (generally speaking, the earlier you go to bed directly coincides with the number of times your children wake you during the night)
  • Did I mention Coffee?
For others out there who suffer in silence as I have, know that you are not alone.  

Rise Up... Speak Out...
Just not first thing in the morning.

If you wish to make my life just a little more bearable... 
donations to the coffee fund will be graciously accepted.

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  1. I have IMS! Since I was a kid! I used to hate it when my mom would ask me countless questions before school, I was so irritable!

    Love this!