Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ever Had One Of Those Days?

So entirely BEYOND tired, it's just not funny.  I just checked.  I have a half cup of cold coffee from home that I poured this morning and forgot about.  I went to do some errands this morning and stopped for a Timmies.  Picked up Macboy for lunch, came home, drove him back, headed to the next store... left the timmies at home!

I am now about half way through a coffee from Second cup.  It was that kind of day where I was ready to just go buy some cigarettes, but I decided that a White Mocha Latte would have to fill the void.  Sure it might be fattening, and yes, it is expensive BUT it is still better than going back to that stinky filthy habit!

Angel Baby is anything but an angel today.  I decided to let her walk through the store with me. Most days she is really good.  But today she just kept wanting to go the opposite way.  I knew I was in no rush, so at first I just wandered where she was going.  But after a while, I had to get my things and get going.  She kept laying down on the floor.  At least these temper tantrums were silent protests.

Temper Tantrum Smiley Smilie Smileys Smilies Animated Animation Animations Gif GifsUntil we got outside, that is.  Ever had a child go stiff as a board when you are trying to put them in a car seat?  She's screaming at the top of her lungs the whole time "OW- EEE OWWW EEEE!! MOMMY!!!"  I'm getting nothing but dirty looks from everyone around me, too.

Half way home, I realize that the mirror on my passenger side is folded in.  There was a truck pulling out of the stall beside me when I came out of the store.  I THOUGHT he looked pretty close!!! jerk.  At least it just folded in, and the only thing that scratched was the dirt I haven't had time to wash off.

Back at home, Angel Baby pitches the ultimate tantrum.  Screaming at me, dropped herself down like a rag doll, RIGHT in the MUD in the front yard.  Got her in the house and she started pulling coats off the hooks and throwing shoes.  She is now in her room.  I hope she has a bit of a nap.  I wish I could too!

How can a two year old have so much control over my day???

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