Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The End Of Things - 2010 In Review

Well, Sort Of...

I looked back over 2010 and thought long and hard about the year as a whole.  I would say it was a very successful year for us and for me specifically.  However I did notice a trend....

I am the ULTIMATE procrastinator.  It is not limited to anything in particular, if I can delay something, I just simply DO.

For example, I never made the kids do their home work until after dinner.  Why?  
Because it won't take long and it's a quiet exercise before bedtime.
What really happens?
We end up fighting and arguing at least half an hour past bedtime because someone doesn't want to just focus and get it done. 
Should have done it sooner.

I forget to start the van in the morning and we leave the house with "just enough time". So when we get outside, I have to scrape ice, and now we are late.

I am very well known for getting the laundry done just before we run out of clothes. Or putting clothes away that have been washed, simply because the kids drawers are now empty.

We eat casseroles, quick ground beef dinners or box meals... because I seem to forget how long it takes for meat to thaw and don't get it out of the freezer.

I usually do my best work and the most work on the weekends, sometimes ONLY because I need to get my hours entered for payroll or someone else needs something first thing Monday morning....

Bigger picture?
I chose to declutter my stuff this year.  I vowed to give away toys and books and clothes. Anything we don't need or use all the time can GO!  Much of it went in December, to make room for new Christmas stuff...UGH
Financially, we were sunk.  The trucker had been laid off and our income was less than half. We spent much of the year getting caught up! Financial Peace didn't find us until late in the year and then..... it filled the basement with more 'stuff'....DUH

On the whole, the year was a success, for sure.  But most if not all of the successes fell into the second half of the year.  I suppose a new years resolution can be counted somewhat successful if it gets done before the following new year, right?  So I could say that my resolution to quit smoking last year worked, because I did it in December.
Of course, that would be better if I actually had made that resolution at all...I resolved a long time ago not to make resolutions and that has been the only one I have ever kept!

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