Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Coffee Is Losing Its Flavour :(

Funny thing, being a coffee addict.  

Having been smoking for so many years, I really never thought about the changes to your taste buds.  I started smoking somewhere around 13 years old. So, that means I've been smoking almost 20 years. Wow! Isn't that sick?  
Now, today is my 2 week smoke free marker!  I'm quite proud of myself and very grateful to those who are supporting me on this.  Especially my trucker who shocked my pants off by suddenly quitting with me!  He's doing good too, thank you, 10 days today for him. 

I am realizing that YES it is true that your senses change.  I was never one to smoke indoors, as I've mentioned before.  We have smoked outside, year round, so I never had to deal with the smell in my house. But we have smoked in vehicles.  When we headed out for shopping a few days ago, I jumped in the truck with my hubby and noticed quickly that it DIDN'T smell like an ashtray.  Never really noticed the residual smell before, except when you first put out a cigarette. That smell never really went away, because when you jump in, you light up again. Right?

As my senses change, I realize that after 20 years (almost) there are a lot of things I have probably not actually tasted.  At least, not the real full flavor of many things.  

Like my coffee!!

I didn't start drinking coffee until high school. Grade 10 or 11 at least.  But I was smoking by grade 8.  So I never really had the taste of coffee in the same sense....
Timmie's keeps you warm!

I'm sad to say (though it will DEFINITELY save me money down the road....) I'm losing my addiction to Timmie's too!  My coffee just does NOT taste the same anymore.
Coffee at home or anywhere for that matter, is just not the same.  Not because I normally smoke with my cuppa, because I didn't.  But it just tastes different.

I hope I figure this out!!! I don't know how to function without the caffeine!  Half the people at my kid's school know me by my coffee mug... 

I thought about giving up the Timmie's too... but really, that's like cutting off a leg or an arm.  Or losing a close friend!  I just can't do it...  I guess I'll learn to like it again...

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