Monday, May 2, 2011

Proud Shining Moments of Mommyhood

Tonight when I went to tuck Art in for the night, he was lying perfectly still and flat on his back.

I brushed his hair back off his forehead as I grew accustomed to doing before the last hair cut and I caught that little glimmer in the corner of his eye.  I slowly leaned down to give him a good night kiss there and

I yanked the covers off.
Sure enough, the little monkey had toys under there.  Three monster trucks and a key on a ring.  I put the cars back and almost dropped one.  Then I realized they were locked together by the front bumpers.  The lock is from his little journal.

I said "Art, you need to take these apart. One of these days you'll be looking for the lock and forget where you put it."

"No"  he says, "I won't, I'll forget where I put the keys."

Nothin' but pride. D'oh.

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