Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Used To Own A Round Tuit

Well, it wasn't exactly mine..  but it hung in our house when I was young.  It was green and just a thin piece of cardboard.  Nothing fancy.  I don't remember all the words on it either.  But that small green circle with "Round Tuit" written large across the top ♥ was quite possibly a large part of who I am today.

I think you can perfect procrastination, 
but I'll talk about that another day.  ♥

To be entirely honest with you... I started this yesterday.  Well, I started thinking ♥ about it.... no. Wait that's not true either.  I have been thinking I should sit down and write for a few weeks. 
But everyone here got sick, then I was trying to recover and having been sick I was behind on ♥ everything.  And there just seemed like soooooo much to catch up on!!! I finally bit the bullet and got going when I restarted the new year.  
But I just could not find the time to sit down and update you.  So far, since I started typing (and I'm what 150 ♥ words in??) I have stopped a bunch of times to do something else. Half the times I stopped, I have been in the middle of a sentence. ♥ 
Procrastinate? No, later.  
I do have kids and I do get distracted, but sometimes those distractions are ideal.   I appreciate an interruption when I'm not focused.  And if I am focused, I tolerate less interruptions.  This will take me all night if I let it.  And then when I'm snuggled up in bed later, wondering where my day went, I will think about how long it took me to actually write this and avoid doing it again for quite awhile....
To show you how easily lost I can be sometimes, I have hearts through out this text. Each time I have stopped is marked with a heart.♥
More to the point of ♥ my story.... Ummmm..... what was it again?

OH YES.  The Round Tuit.
Perhaps because I grew up with a round tuit, I felt I never needed to get one?  It was there already.  Mom could say "clean your room!"  But I didn't need to say "I'll ♥ get a round tuit." 
It was already there... 
so therefore never said... 
so never done...
Eventually she'd get mad enough and clean it for me....
I should ask my dad if he still has that.

I am a list maker extraordinaire.  I like to have an easily accessible list of what's coming up or waiting to be done.  But the procrastinator in me can find 95 reasons to delay writing the list. In which case, I don't need to do the items on the list, until the list is made to remind me to do it.... 

Born organized?  NOT EVEN CLOSE. ♥

I'm getting better at using my calendar, though I still have not found a format I 'love' for recording my details.  I have tried index cards, flylady tricks, calendars that email or text me reminders... but they are all lacking something. 
They lack the ability to write the list for me.  
Would I benefit from a voice command calendar that writes down my thoughts for me???  Probably, but I'd have to finish a whole thought in the first place!

Not sure if the problem is that I have no idea where the Round Tuit went, or if I just haven't tried to get a round tuit again....

I'll figure it out, one day..... when I get around to it.

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